Which type of air filter do I need?

AirFilterTypesTS.jpgYou know, spring is a time for the outdoors… sunshine, impromptu ballgames, gardening, climbing trees, and basically just enjoying the freedom that warmer weather allows. As much fun as each of those activities is, there’s no denying the goodly amount of dirt involved, right? Just as you rely on a good mop and proper dust rag to keep the surface area of your home clean, you need to ensure that you have an appropriate HVAC filter properly in place to keep your indoor air quality at its peak. Choosing the best air filter for your home and ensuring that it’s cleaned or changed regularly can help save you around 15% on your energy bill. For help on your selection, we’ve outlined the most common types below.


Washable Air Filters - $10 to $30 – MERV Rating 1 to 4

While the idea of washable air filters sounds like a green, economical choice, they really aren’t a favorite of most HVAC professionals. They require extensive maintenance and are known for collecting bacteria and fungi and circulating that throughout your home.   


Fiberglass Air Filters - $1 to $10 – MERV Rating 1 to 4

These are quite thin, comprised of what is essentially a flat panel surface that traps the air particles. Their primary purpose is to protect your HVAC system, rather than improving your indoor air quality, as exemplified by their air pollutant removal rate of less than 10%.


Polyester & Pleated Air Filters - $10 to $25 – MERV Rating 8 to 13

Similar to fiberglass filters, the polyester and pleated have much higher dust-trapping ability, allowing them to remove up to 45% of your home’s air pollutants.


High Efficiency Air Filters - $45 to $180 – MERV Rating 14 to 16

High efficiency air filters are often made from synthetic polyester or pleated filter paper, but they are impractical for residential HVAC use. You typically find these in buildings that require utmost cleanliness (i.e. hospitals, doctor offices, etc.), as the filter’s industrial strength even removes bacteria from the air. Their ability to trap tiny dust, pollen, and mold particles equate to removal of up to 85% of air pollutants from the space.

As you can see, this relatively small piece of equipment plays a very powerful role in the safety and comfort of your home. For any further questions on purchasing or installing an air filter, we invite you to call us at your convenience.