Rain + Air Conditioning Units = Usually Nothing


What an unseasonably wet year we’ve had in Oklahoma! As you’ve probably heard (or said yourself) on more than one occasion, we really need the rain. After all, we’ve been in a seemingly endless drought, lakes were reduced to veritable puddles, and we’ve missed the wildflower-lined roadsides, a little gift that summer brings in with it. With the extra moisture, though, come questions about its effects on the home – most specifically, those things outside the home such as air conditioning units. While AC units are built to resist rain damage and continue to operate reliably, there are a few scenarios worth noting:


1) Flooding: We’re not talking about a heavy downpour and several inches of rain. Of greater concern is when the standing water from localized flooding exceeds a foot or more. In such cases, it is strongly advised that you call your HVAC contractor to assess any damages before turning it on.


2) Storm Damage: As stated above, the rainfall itself likely won’t cause any issues, but strong storms are typically blown in by strong winds. These winds can not only blow tree limbs and patio furniture onto the AC unit, they can also deposit smaller debris and leaves inside. It is always a good idea make a close post-storm inspection.


3) Covers: If you feel that you must cover your AC unit during a storm (which is unnecessary, and even advised against), the damage comes from leaving that cover on for too long. An air-tight enclosure subjects the internal components to trapped condensation, almost ensuring erosion and rot.


As always, if you have any concerns about the function and/or operation of your air conditioning unit pre-storm, post-storm, or in perfectly sunny times, we invite you to contact one of our professionals at 405.789.5969