Oklahoma City HVAC Winter Preparation

HVAC-Winter-Prep350PixWeb.jpgWell, it is inevitable… winter is coming in quickly, and this one might be another doozie! If the sting of last year’s extraordinarily frigid nights and stunningly high heating bills still feels very real to you, we have some tips that may help soften it for you in the coming months.

~ Replace your old filter, preferably with one that is reusable. These can be rinsed and reused, not only is this the greener option, but it is more financially sound in the long run. Whether you opt for disposable or reusable, a clean air filter will maintain efficient airflow and help your HVAC system to function as it should.

~ Inspect your heating ducts for dents, punctures, and parts that have disconnected, as these types of damage blow warm air wastefully, increasing energy bills.

~ To help maintain clean air in the home, clean your heating ducts by removing the vent covers and vacuuming the outer area. This not only improves airflow by removing restrictions, but reduces allergy complications from dust and debris being re-circulated throughout your home.

~ Address your weather-stripping needs. If you’ve not weather-stripped your home, this is the time to do it. If you have, inspect it and replace any that appears cracked, loose, or damaged. This simple task will help to keep the warm air inside and the cold air out.

~ Sound-check your HVAC unit. If you notice any rattling, knocking, or other unusual sounds, it’s time to call in a professional.

~ Check for signs of moisture, such as rust on the vent pipes or moisture on the windows. These are strong indicators of malfunctioning equipment that should be addressed.

~ Consider updating to a digital thermostat, with which you can almost guarantee accurate temperature levels. Additionally, digital thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature to suit your comfort level at specified times of the day.

~ Have your HVAC unit serviced by a professional. Yes, there is a minimal fee for this, but it could save you costly repairs in the long run – not to mention the trouble of coming home to a home that matches the outdoor winter temperatures due to an unexpected system breakdown.

As always, our goal is to provide professional HVAC service that not only includes installation and maintenance, but education, as well. If you have questions on this or any other types of furnace replacement in Oklahoma, please call us at 405.789.5969.