Nest Thermostat


Quick Facts About Nest:


  • Nest is not owned by a major Heating and Air conditioning company
  • They are marketed as the “Apple or iPhone Thermostat” but can work with Android or stand alone
  • Nest is a Thermostat nothing else
  • Programs itself
  • This will save you on utilities


First Impression:


When I received the thermostats from my  rep I hurried home very excited to check out the Nest that people from all the tech sites have been talking about. When I was opening up the thermostat I was immediately impressed. I have never seen a thermostat so well packaged. It starts screaming quality before it is even installed.


After hooking it up I turned it on and I must say it is my favorite thermostat on the market looks wise. It has a retro feel with the turn dial functionality while looking modern at the same time. It also lights up when you approach it, which makes the friendliest thermostat I have ever worked with.


After figuring out how to program it and setting it up on my phone I was ready to let it learn my lifestyle and had already called the owner and office manager of TS Heat and Air to let them know how cool it is.


The first week:


The nest slowly programs itself over the course of a week. I feel like the best way to describe this experience is like having a new puppy. It is awesome overall and it’s really fun to show it off to all your friends, but it does require a lot of attention because if you do not watch it the program will not be as accurate self-programing wise.


During this process you will likely wake up in the middle of the night with the thermostat registering at your minimum (you set this during setup) because it is going into energy saving mode.


Overall I did greatly enjoy it however, it was fun being able to brag about a thermostat to all my friends and handy when someone came over to turn it down or up a couple degrees without having to leave the couch during a movie.


The second week:


At this point I have realized that I have completely blown the self-programing part of my thermostat. The reason this occurred for me was that it is located in a part of my house that I rarely visit and the sensors play a part in determine if you are at the house or not.


I do however like the amount of energy that the thermostat does save and if it was installed in a home that had more activity this would not be an issue.


Technical Aspects


This thermostat has some exciting new features. It is a little lacking in features that some of the most high tech systems feature, but for the average user it is everything you would want and more.


The biggest thing it lacks is the outdoor temperature probe that most high-end stats have. It makes up for this by having a generalized weather app dependent on zip code that shows up on the controls, but this will not work without an Internet connection.


This stat doesn’t require an internet connection, but to utilize both the outdoor temperature and to control it remotely this is required. It also requires a wireless router.


This stat advertises as being able to be hooked up easily. While this thermostat is capable of that, I would highly recommend against it. Thermostats can easily blow fuses in the furnace and to activate all of the features you need to have advanced knowledge of your system.


I give this thermostat 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would like to see more features incorporated for a thermostat of this price range. It does however look very good and will be the envy of everyone that sees it. It is extremely easy to operate after initial installation and setup and if you have a consistent schedule and are willing to fight through the initial programing it will save you money.


Side note this stat made its way into the owner’s bedroom