Indoor Air Quality Matters the Most Now


It’s no surprise that during the winter months, we all spend a lot more time indoors trying to protect ourselves from the elements. We expend a lot of energy to stay warm and focus on preserving heat by keeping windows and doors tightly closed. While this is a good strategy for ensuring you’re operating your Oklahoma City HVAC system efficiently, it can often result in poor indoor air quality. Considering how much of these cold December days are spent inside, it’s important to understand the repercussions (aggravating respiratory systems, worsening asthma, and increasing risk of pneumonia and other serious diseases), and how to decrease the amount of household contaminants. Because our mission to offer the best heat and air service in Oklahoma, we don’t just stop at installation or repair. We want to continue to educate and be of value to our customers, and today, our goal is to help you maintain optimal indoor air quality with these tips.

1) Make dusting (with a damp cloth) and vacuuming – including around door and windows trims – a part of your regular routine. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent dust from spitting back into the air.

2) Keep your ventilation system clean. Dirt and debris building up in the vents or ductwork transfers back into the air inside your home. Have your Oklahoma City HVAC professional help you with this.

3) Stave mold off by reducing excess humidity with a dehumidifier.

4) Install carbon monoxide detectors, and create reminders to check the batteries monthly.

5) Change your filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

6) Ensure fireplaces and wood stoves are properly vented.

7) Store volatile and toxic compounds, such as pesticides, cleaners, solvents, and paint, outside of the home.

8) Refrain from using (or, at least minimize the use of) combustibles, such as cigarettes, candles, and indoor smokers or BBQs.

9) Bathe and groom your pets frequently to minimize the fur and dander floating around inside.

Since indoor pollutants and allergens peak during the winter, it is especially important to stay diligent in taking the measures necessary to preserve your air quality. For questions or help on this or any other HVAC issue, we invite you to call us at 405.789.5969 your convenience.