Don't Let Oklahoma Winters Shut You Down

IceStormWeb350Pix.jpgWe are just about a month into winter, which means we have plenty of opportunity for snow and ice to make their way through our little corner of the country. We’ve talked a lot about furnaces and winter tips and heating your home efficiently; but something we haven’t touched on is one of the most common problems to experience this time of the year: power outages from the ice storms. You’ll probably remember the one that hit over Thanksgiving weekend, causing thousands upon thousands to be without electricity, many for a week or more. Well, our goal as the top Oklahoma heating and cooling company isn’t to just make sure your HVAC equipment is working properly and leave it at that. We want to ensure that your family is not just warm during these cold months, but that it’s prepared for anything Mother Nature might throw your way. With this idea in mind, we bring you a list of what to do to ready yourself for a power outage.


1) Before severe weather is a threat, ensure that your safety supply is fully stocked. This pack should include flashlights, fresh batteries, matches, candles, a battery operated radio, non-perishable food, water, and a first aid kit.


2) If the temperature drops below freezing and your home is unheated, frozen pipes are a very real possibility, and pipe ruptures can happen. Turn on the indoor taps just enough to allow a continuous trickle of water.


3) If heavy rain or snow accompanies a power outage, stay aware of possible basement flooding, and know that electric sump pumps without a backup battery won’t function.


4) Stay warm with extra layers of clothing and blankets, but if your home grows too cold, relocate until the power comes back on or the temperature warms back up.


5) Ensure that your fireplace and chimney are clean and free of debris. It is also important to fully open the flue before lighting the fireplace, and burn only wood.


6) When it comes to generators, portable ones should be stored and used outdoors, as the carbon monoxide released from them is deadly. Better yet, consider installing a whole-house back-up generator.


7) Finally, if you do lose power, be sure to turn off the heat pump, air conditioner, and/or furnace. Power surges that can occur when electricity is restored can be damaging to this equipment.


As always, if you have questions regarding these tips or anything else related to home comfort or heat and air service in Oklahoma, never hesitate to call us at your convenience.