Don’t Let the Heat of Summer Drain You


As we move through July and into August here in Oklahoma, we may be on the downhill side of summer, but we are definitely on the uphill side of temperatures! That means more energy to cool your home, which means more money out of your pocket, which means less money you have for summer fun. Even we folks in the HVAC business have to contend with that, but we’ve found some helpful hints to lessen the burden. So from our climate-controlled home to yours, well wishes for a cooler, more economical season.

1) Use your Fans. Although blowing the air about the room won’t actually cool the air, it will keep it circulating around your skin, helping you to stay comfortable.

 2) Use the nighttime to your advantage. Some nights it may be cool enough to turn the air completely off and open the windows.

3) Keep your drapes or blinds closed during the day. The sun shining through the windows will make your air conditioner work harder to keep you cool. Keeping your windows covered can minimize the energy your air conditioner uses.

4) Ensure that drapes, rugs, or furniture are not blocking your vents. It’s also important to vacuum them regularly to help remove dust and pet hair, ensuring proper airflow.

5) Change the air filter regularly – ideally, each month – to keep adequate airflow and help your air conditioner to work more efficiently.

6) Use your programmable thermostat. Set your thermostat to 80˚ during the day when you’re not home, and have it programmed to reduce to 72˚ about an hour before you return for the evening.

7) Consider planting deciduous trees on the south side of your home outside the windows. They will provide shade during the summer, but let the sunshine in to help heat during the winter.

While these steps can help keep you cool at a lower cost, both energetically and financially, they are only a piece of the HVAC puzzle. It is important to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner. This will not only help it to run more efficiently, but it will increase the longevity, thereby helping you to avoid costly repairs or replacement. For more information or to schedule this service, we invite you to email (link to website contact form or email) or call us at (405) 789 5969.