Don’t be Fooled: Ways to Find a Trustworthy Repairman


There have been many cases of air-conditioner repair technicians scamming homeowners. Just as auto repair technicians can take advantage of car owners who don’t understand the inner workings of a vehicle, A/C repair techs can use customer naivety to make a quick buck.

A/C repair technicians have been known to come into a home and not finish a job, use poor-quality parts but charge for the real thing, or convince homeowners to undergo unnecessary repairs – wasting valuable time and money. Sometimes they will purposefully do a subpar job, just so the homeowner will have to call their company again for subsequent repairs.

Identifying the tells of a scam-artist technician will enable you to avoid them in the future, and choose a trustworthy repair tech, instead.

1. Check References

Looking into business references is an easy way to avoid a less-than-honorable company. Don’t ask the company itself to provide these references; instead, perform a web search or ask around at work or among family and friends. Try to gain an accurate representation of their previous work using customer reviews, word-of-mouth reputation, and real-life tales of people who have used them.
Anything questionable, such as having no customer testimonials on a website, could point to a repair scam. Listen to what your trusted friends and family members have to say – whom do they use for their repairs? Can they make any company suggestions?

2. Research Qualifications

Any company in good standing will be more than happy to list its qualifications for performing services if asked or will post them directly on their website. If they are vague about qualifications or unwilling to show you certificates and licenses, they could be serious scam artists who don’t have professional experience handling A/C systems.

These are the scariest tech scams, since they will not only take your money and could cause serious damage to your system due to ignorance. A good-quality HVAC pro will have liability insurance, should anything go wrong on their part. Liability insurance protects your investment and property; don’t neglect it.

3. Be Wary of Hidden Fees

If your contractor tries to insert last-minute charges, hidden fees, or service fees you weren’t informed about, this is a red flag for spotting an untrustworthy repair technician. Companies will always keep you informed about costs before repairs begin, giving you a chance to accept or reject repairs before they’re already completed.


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