De-Icing Your Air Conditioning Unit


There are many reasons an air conditioner unit seems to suddenly stop working – some requiring the help of your local Oklahoma HVAC professional, while others can be handled on your own, saving you money and a few gallons of sweat. One of the more common “fix it yourself” issues is when the unit coils have iced over. This happens when the condensation gathers on the coils and the cold air circulating through them freezes it. Fortunately, this is easily remedied using the steps below!

1) Determine which breakers supply the air conditioning unit for your home and turn them off. Then turn off the power switches located near the condensing unit AND at your furnace.

2) Allow 24 hours for your air conditioning unit to thaw. You can speed the process by using a hair dryer on the lowest setting.  (*note that anything stronger than a hair dryer on the lowest setting will seriously damage your unit.) It’s important to verify that the coils have thawed completely before moving forward.

3) Check for and thoroughly dry any pooled water and/or condensation under the unit.

4) Turn the power back on at the breaker, then use the thermostat to turn on the unit. Verify that the fans are operating properly.

5) To improve airflow from the air conditioner, replace your air filter.

Once you have de-iced your air conditioning unit, consider having your HVAC professional evaluate it to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of refrigerant in the cooling system. As always, with any questions or concerns, you can call 24/7 and get help from a live person.