'Audit' Doesn't Have to be a Scary Word


We’re already into April (can you believe how quickly it came?!), and by now you’ve probably heard – or even participated in – tax time and audit conversations. We certainly have! Well, rather than bury our heads in the sand to wait for April 15th to pass, we decided we’d turn the word “audit” into something that feels useful for you and redirect our attention to another celebrated day that turns 45 this month…. Earth Day. “How?”, you may ask. By giving you a checklist to ensure that your hired professional is accurately determining just how much energy your home is consuming so that you can determine what measures are necessary to make it more efficient.

__ Review the previous twelve months’ energy bills to determine usage and costs.

__ Use a watt meter to determine electrical appliance energy usage.

__ Note all combustible fuel fired appliances and perform Combustion Appliance Zone Testing on them.

__ Check for outdoor air leaks, particularly those areas in which two different building materials join.

__ Check for indoor air leaks, particularly where the walls meet the ceiling, around outlets and fixtures, by doors and windows, and at the edge of flooring or along baseboards.

__ Look for excess condensation on windows.

__ Take note of the type of thermostat and its setting, as well as how many air registers are in the home and their location(s).

__ Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

__ Assess indoor air quality issues.

__ Check for adequate wall insulation.

__ Check for air leakage around HVAC ducts and chimneys.

__ Assess the flow rate of vent fans.

__ Ensure the dryer’s ventilation and duct system is functioning properly.

__ Test for fuel leaks in the furnace, clean the blower, and change the furnace filter.

__ Determine the water heater’s thermostat setting and ensure adequate piping and tank insulation.

While this checklist empowers you with knowledge of what areas should be reviewed, it is important to place your trust in a certified professional that takes the time to talk with you about how you operate your home on a daily basis, then explain the audit process, and share with you the appropriate changes necessary to create a more energy-efficient home. As always, if you have questions or concerns about your home’s functionality, we invite you to contact us at 405.789.5969 or via email.