Advances In High Energy Heat Pumps

AdvanceHeatPumpsweb350Pix.jpgIn the not too distant past, heat pumps were considered a pricey add-on best suited for milder climates. Fast forward to today, though, and those regions with colder winters – Oklahoma included – are ideal for these devices, as technological advances have enabled them to warm a home efficiently, even in extreme wintry conditions. In fact, most of them are so efficient that some environmental groups are calling for them to either supplement or replace conventional electric heaters and oil-burning systems. Some utility companies even offer a rebate for upgrading. So just what is it that makes these new high-energy heat pumps so hot (pun intended)? Well, several things actually…

1) Being Energy Star qualified ensures they meets or exceeds the EPA’s energy efficiency guidelines.

2) Two-stage cooling enables heat pumps to operate more efficiently and effectuate more even temperatures. 

3) Two-speed compressors conserve a substantial amount of electrical energy by enabling heat pumps run near the cooling or heating capacity needed at any given time.

4) Dual speed or variable speed motors on the blowers, outdoor fans, or both strive to maintain a comfortable air movement velocity. This increases electrical savings while decreasing cool drafts and reducing noise. 

5) Scroll compressors are comprised of two spiral-shaped scrolls, one of which remains stationary as the other continually orbits it, compressing refrigerant into smaller and smaller areas. These compressors typically last longer and operate more quietly than the piston compressors.

6) Desuperheaters heats water with waste heat it recovers from the heat pump’s cooling mode. Heat pumps equipped with these are 2 to 3 times more efficient at heating water than the standard electric water heater.

7) Back-up burners supplement the heat pump by resolving the issue of chilled air being delivered during colder weather, all the while minimizing electricity usage.

With three or four months of cold, Oklahoma weather left, a high-energy heat pump might just be the next most logical investment in your home. If you’re considering this, or any other, upgrade, give us a call. We are proudly the top OKC heat and air repair company around and have been so since 1983!