Thermostats | TS Heat & Air

Are you looking to take more control of your comfort? At TS Heat and Air we have many solutions! 
We also will install any provided thermostat. *As long as it is compatible with your system*

Intelligent Reliable Thermostats

Saving Money
Some thermostats have features designed to save you
money such as programability options and self learning

Maximize Comfort
Many of our thermostats are now incorporating humidity
control and blower motor adjustment options.
(When paired with select furnaces)

Intelligent Systems
Ask about how you can control your home from a
computer or smart phone allowing you to monitor your
system from anywhere.


Lux Pro (PSD011B)
This is our standard thermostat. Simple and reliable. *Can't be used for 2 stage units

Lennox Merit Series Thermostat (51M32)
The standard Lennox thermostat. *Can't be used for 2 stage units

Lennox ComfortSense (CS5000)
The ComfortSense 5000 has full programability options and features a touch screen display.

Lennox iComfort
The flagship of Lennox thermostats
This thermostat allows you to connect to wifi and control it remotely. This thermostat also will troubleshoot itself reducing downtime and possibly eliminate a service call. Another option is we can monitor your system for you if you choose allowing us to contact you before you realize a problem exists. *Please note the self diagnosis features are only available with select Lennox systems*

The thermostat that programs itself
This thermostat allows wifi monitoring and helps save energy by learning your habits and setting itself for you. It provides a monthly energy saving email.